Hail Storm Roofing Repair

Following a severe hailstorm or strong wind event, the first thing to do is to make sure that everyone is okay. When it is safe to go outside, begin to assess the damages by looking for signs that your property has been hit by damaging hail. Round dents in cars and outdoor furniture or shredded plants are indications that this significant hail event may have also caused damages to your roof. The integrity of any roof, residential or commercial, is vital for preventing leaks Read Full Post

Storm Damage Repair | Wind, Water & Hail Home Damage

Storm Damage Home Repair BloomingtonTo a homeowner, few things spark more anxiety, fear, perhaps even terror than the threat of bad weather. Extreme weather—high winds, excessive rain, heavy snow, hail producing thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc.—has the potential to damage not only your beloved domicile and/or rental properties, but your bank account as well. And if you live in Minnesota, the likelihood that your home could sustain some sort of storm damage is about as high as it can be anywhere in the country. Read Full Post