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Attic Insulation is a Must in Minnesota. Use a Reputable Insulation Contractor

Don’t throw your money away with costly heating & air conditioning bills.

Tollefson Bros Exteriors has joined with Owens-Corning and is now offering “Expanding Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation” in attics. With the rise in utility costs to heat and cool our homes it was a very simple choice in deciding to offer this feature to both our new and old customers.

According to many sources, there is going to be a drastic rise in the costs of heating and cooling our homes each and every year to come. By adding expanding fiberglass insulation you can save approximately 20% a year on your energy bills.

The recommendations for R value in insulation in our area is anywhere from R-38 to R-60. This translates into a 18” thick blanket of insulation for the minimal thickness of R-38 to a maximum of 22” thick for an R-60. Now of course not everyone can add this much insulation to their attics, but this is what is recommended. When adding additional insulation to your attic you must take into consideration that you must still allow for proper ventilation for maximum effectiveness. Such proper ventilation would include baffles, ridge vents and soffit vents.

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