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Bloomington, Minnesota Replacement Windows

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Replacement Windows for Minnesota Homeowners

Our Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows are designed and made in Minnesota. We’ve come up with the perfect window for Minnesota’s harsh cold windy winters and hot humid summers.

Our wide variety of quality replacement window styles  provide great performance, strength and durability and are backed by a unprecedented lifetime warranty.

Each window is carefully manufactured in Hayfield, MN with your comfort and convenience in mind!  Our energy efficient replacement windows utilize warm edge technology which make them extremely more efficient then our competitor’s insulated glass.

Why Replace Your Old Windows?

If for no other reason, the increasing energy costs. Homeowners should be extremely concerned when it comes to making their homes more energy efficient. Added insulation in walls and ceilings, new furnaces, and new air conditioners are good ways to improve on energy efficiency in a home; however, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to replace old leaky windows with high efficiency vinyl replacement windows.

The technology used to produce today’s vinyl replacement windows has dramatically changed. Within just the last decade, the changes in design and construction technologies have made giant strides toward high energy efficiency while maintaining elegant beauty.

Windows are one of the biggest factors when it comes to a home being energy efficient.

Many people would never think that just by replacing their old windows with a high quality window, they could actually save anywhere between 25–40% of their heating and cooling bills!

Research shows that the best type of windows on the market today are vinyl windows. Compared to wood windows, vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free; they never need painting or staining, and they never decay like a wood window. Another plus is, that the insulation values are much higher in replacement vinyl windows than in your old wooden windows.

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