Hail Storm Roofing RepairFollowing a severe hailstorm or strong wind event, the first thing to do is to make sure that everyone is okay. When it is safe to go outside, begin to assess the damages by looking for signs that your property has been hit by damaging hail. Round dents in cars and outdoor furniture or shredded plants are indications that this significant hail event may have also caused damages to your roof. The integrity of any roof, residential or commercial, is vital for preventing leaks that can quickly result in further damage. Climbing up on a ladder can be very dangerous and is unlikely to provide an accurate accounting of all damages. Call Tollefson Bros Exterior to assess every aspect of the roofing structure and if needed, provide hail storm roofing repair that is top notch and covered by homeowners insurance.

Spot Hail Damage to Roofs

Determining how badly a roof has been damaged by hail requires a keen eye for detail and a true understanding of several types of roofing systems. A highly trained roofing contractor can spot damage to roofs that an untrained eye will miss. Dents in metal roof vents or flashing are common and may provide an indication of the size of the hailstones. These dents are often easier to spot than hail damaged asphalt shingles or flat roofing materials. Significant indentations, chipping or curled edges of shingles could cause a breakdown in the roof’s ability to protect the rest of the structure.

Insurance Covered Roof Repairs

Experienced roofers can easily detect when weather, including large pounding hail has caused serious damages to roofs. Our exterior storm damage repair experts can advocate on your behalf to ensure that an insurance covered roof repairs claim is submitted on a timely basis. Act now, interior mold and rot can set in if damages are not mitigated very quickly.

Compensation for Storm Damaged Roof

Insurance companies are often overwhelmed with calls following a large damaging hail storm in any metro area. The sooner you call for an insurance adjuster the faster you may receive compensation for your storm damaged roof. Before you place a call to your insurance agent, you could benefit substantially by having an experienced roofing contractor detail the location and severity of all roof damages as well as an estimate for all necessary repairs.

Licensed Professional Roofing Repair Contractor St Paul, MN

As a licensed professional roofing repair contractor, Tollefson Bros . Exterior has years of experience and success with providing customers with excellent service and results. Our trusted insurance claims specialists are here to work on your behalf and if you choose, guide you through a complicated insurance claims process. Your expert inspection can detail all roof damages caused by large damaging hail along with an estimate for time sensitive repairs.

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