Lower your Minnesota Energy Bills

Living in Minnesota has so many benefits. Winter white Christmas and warm summers make for the perfect combination of year round weather. While this climate may be conducive to your lifestyle, it may not be easy on the wallet. Homeowners all across Minnesota are struggling to pay their energy bills, no matter what season we are in! If you are ready to do something about these staggering prices, it’s time to contact Tollefson Bros. Exteriors.
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Residential Storm Damage Repairs Bloomington MN

Roof Repairs Bloomington MNHas your home been damaged by a recent storm? Spring and summer storms can pack a real punch and cause all sorts of damage to the exterior or your Bloomington, MN home. An older roof and siding are easy targets for strong winds, hail and falling branches. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors has a team of Licensed Contractors…
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Maintenance Free Exterior Siding Options, Bloomington, MN

Maintenance Free Siding Painting the exterior of your home is one of those home maintenance projects that creeps up on you, costs a lot of money and is a huge undertaking.  What if you never had to paint the outside of your house again?  This can now be your reality!  Tollefson Bros. Exteriors of Bloomington, MN, has a wide variety of maintenance free exterior siding options that you can have installed on the exterior of your home. You can even choose your color and pick your profile.  And, just like that, you never have to worry about painting again! Read Full Post

Siding Replacement Service Eden Prairie MN

Exterior Siding MNEden Prairie, MN is known for our great community, beautiful, ever changing environment, and friendly neighbors. Living here is great…unless your home has the worst looking exterior in the neighborhood! Don’t get us wrong, we get it! Living in Eden Prairie, MN comes with harsh weather changes that make it hard for any house to keep up! Fortunately, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors is here to help! Our licensed contractors can provide energy efficient home improvement with our maintenance free siding! Read Full Post

Storm Damage Contractor Minnesota

Storm DamageLiving in Minnesota comes with it’s fair share of bad weather. With hot, humid summers that bring in thunderstorms, and icy, cold winters that bring in snow and wind storms, it’s likely that at some point, your home could be damaged by the uncontrollable ailments of Minnesota weather. If this rings true for you, it’s time that you call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors for all of your exterior damage needs!
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