Maintenance Free Siding Painting the exterior of your home is one of those home maintenance projects that creeps up on you, costs a lot of money and is a huge undertaking.  What if you never had to paint the outside of your house again?  This can now be your reality!  Tollefson Bros. Exteriors of Bloomington, MN, has a wide variety of maintenance free exterior siding options that you can have installed on the exterior of your home. You can even choose your color and pick your profile.  And, just like that, you never have to worry about painting again!

Benefits of Maintenance Free Siding

  • Good investment in your home:  Data suggests that you actually get a lot back from your investment in vinyl siding.  You can expect to recover more than 80% of what you put into the upgrade.
  • Energy efficient:  Tollefson Bros. Exteriors’ Maintenance Free Exterior Siding is very likely more energy efficient than your current siding.  This means that this siding will help keep warm air inside in the frigid winters and keep cool air in during the warm summers.  We offer Energy Star rated siding options in vinyl as well as cement fibers.
  • Looks as great on the day of installation as it does years later:  When we say maintenance free, we mean it!  You can rest assured that once you move to maintenance free siding, you will not have to worry about future repairs or painting!
  • Can transform your home:  New siding can give your home the new look you have been searching for.  You can change colors, and give your house a make-over!

Exterior Siding, Roofing and Windows Contractor

If you live in the Bloomington, MN area and are looking for a partner to help with some home renovations, give Tollefson Bros. Exteriors a call at 1-952-881-2218.  Our experienced team of professionals can install new maintenance free siding, replacement windows, attic insulation and roofing.  Tollefson Bros can help give your home a new look, while increasing energy efficiency and durability.  Our prices are extremely competitive with other businesses in the area and we can give you a risk-free, no-cost free estimate.  Our company stands behind every single one of our installation projects and our customers tell us often just how happy they are with our work.  That means the world to us — and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you soon!