Insurance Claim Home Repairs Plymouth

Storm Damage Repair MNAfter a destructive storm comes through, we must take stock of the damage. And it can be sad sometimes to see your house or business that you’ve poured money into have significant damages. But when you work with Tollefson Bros Exteriors to get everything repaired and cleaned up, the whole process is not as painful or deflating as you might think when you first witness the damage. Read Full Post

Bloomington Storm Damage Contractors

Storm Damage Repairs BloomingtonBattling the aftermath of a storm alone is never a fun task as a prideful homeowner. With us, here at Tollefson, we won’t let that happen. Our qualified contractors can inspect your home after a storm and our crafty crew works on contingency as we give the bill directly to your insurance company. Read Full Post

Storm Damage Repair | Wind, Water & Hail Home Damage

Storm Damage Home Repair BloomingtonTo a homeowner, few things spark more anxiety, fear, perhaps even terror than the threat of bad weather. Extreme weather—high winds, excessive rain, heavy snow, hail producing thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc.—has the potential to damage not only your beloved domicile and/or rental properties, but your bank account as well. And if you live in Minnesota, the likelihood that your home could sustain some sort of storm damage is about as high as it can be anywhere in the country. Read Full Post