Storm Damage Repairs BloomingtonBattling the aftermath of a storm alone is never a fun task as a prideful homeowner. With us, here at Tollefson, we won’t let that happen. Our qualified contractors can inspect and repair your home after a storm and our crafty crew works on contingency as we give the bill directly to your insurance company. We make sure our documents are in order for your insurance adjuster to assure similar findings. We do all of this for you so you can go on living the life you are meant to. Go to work, the park, play with your kids, family, friends, whatever else you want to do you can, there are clear skies, even after the darkest of days, especially with the help of your new friends at Tollefson Bros Exteriors!

What may need to be replaced?

  • Shingles- Having a long time in the industry we have built our reputation on our knowledge and certifications as a roofing contractor. We know every eve, gable end, nook, and cranny must be checked thoroughly, without replacing after a brutal storm, terrible winter or tree has fallen on it the problem can escalate and it usually does, due to lack of protection from the elements by damaged shingles.
  • Siding- Having your siding damaged during a storm can be common – from branches, trees, even hail whipping into it causing craters or holes. Our contractor can inspect damages and work with insurance companies to get the money you have been giving them to good use!
  • Widows- Worse comes to worse a window goes out its pane. Sometimes heavy winds, rain, and falling debris can shatter even the toughest of glass. Our professional window replacement materials and installers have all the top named manufacturers for your storm damage repair needs.
  • Gutters- Downspout and gutter systems can sometimes get hit pretty hard during one or two of the many hard elements that mother nature throws at us. During our inspections, we can make the best recommendations that suit your needs!

Here at Tollefson we are thorough when dealing with insurance companies, they are out there for a reason and sometimes you may have to utilize their attributes. Why not capitalize on the most you can, and deserve? Our highly skilled estimators never overlook or miss diagnose clear signs of storm damage. We are driven to help our neighbors one storm at a time! For a professional storm adjuster to stop by your home for a hassle free estimate give us a call, we work with YOUR insurance company 952-881-2218!