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Are your windows looking a bit shabby compared to the rest of your home? Are you noticing that your home isn’t heating as well as it used to? Is your heating bill increasing more and more every year? It may be time to invest in new windows for your home. With...

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Vinyl Window Replacements

Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., is a window and door contractor located in Bloomington Minnesota who serves the entire twin cities metro area.  Experience shows and we have been contracting window repair for over 25 years and have been installing the highest quality windows and doors in the Minneapolis area. Minnesota winters are extremely cold and if your house has windows and/or doors that let the cold air drift in, this can be incredibly inefficient and make your monthly bills skyrocket. The doors in your home are more than simple building materials.  They provide the transition between the world outside and your home.  They welcome your family, your friends and your guests. Our team can help ensure that there are no leaks in your home, improving overall energy efficiency and decreasing your monthly power bills! Read Full Post

Keep your Home Warm & Carbon Footprint Light this Winter Bloomington MN

Bloomington MN energy efficiency contractorIs your home chilly? Even with the heat on? You may want to consider contacting a local Bloomington energy efficiency contractor to help you seal up your home before the winter is actually here. Home efficiency ties in with home comfort and we can help you indicate where your house is losing heat and seal it up. There are many reasons for your home to lose heat and when it does, your HVAC system has to work harder, putting more stress and strain on it and your wallet. Read Full Post