Bloomington MN energy efficiency contractorIs your home chilly? Even with the heat on? You may want to consider contacting a local Bloomington energy efficiency contractor to help you seal up your home before the winter is actually here. Home efficiency ties in with home comfort and we can help you indicate where your house is losing heat and seal it up. There are many reasons for your home to lose heat and when it does, your HVAC system has to work harder, putting more stress and strain on it and your wallet. We can help improve your home’s efficiency and make it easier to make those monthly payments.

Home Efficiency Matters

It is a scientific fact that the burning of fossil fuels is killing the earth and transforming it at an unanticipated rate. Haven’t heard this? Watch ‘Before the Flood’, which has world leaders around the globe looking to the US to move to a more eco-friendly, renewable solution (wind & solar) because the entire world is noticing the effects of what we are all doing. We can preserve this planet for our children and their children’s children but it starts at home and that means being more energy efficient. Fossil fuels are used to heat the majority of every home and power every ‘on’ switch in this entire county and then some.

3 Common Places Heat Escapes from a Home

  1. Attic – Heat rises and if you don’t have the proper attic insulation it will seep right out. This not only increases the amount your furnace/boiler needs to run but it can also become a problem once the snow falls. Poor attic insulation leads to ice dams, roof damage and even water damage in the home when not dealt with soon enough. Our Attic Insulation Contractors swear by our Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation. We can add to existing, replace existing or cover your attic with insulation for the first time. Our knowledgeable professionals will discuss our insulation recommendations and the R-value(s) that will best suit your property.
  2. Windows – Does your home feel drafty? Many times that’s due to old windows. Take a walk over to them and see if you feel the difference? If you can, then you can know for certain you are paying too much to lose that much heat. Our Window Replacement Contractors can efficiently replace insert or full frame windows or install your favorite selection of brand new windows for new construction.
  3. Doors – Another pesky energy leech is the doors in your home. Do they line up with the frame, are they letting in a breeze? Our exterior contractors can help replace any inefficient doors you have that are letting in a noticeable draft.

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