Roofing, Siding and Window Contractor Bloomington

Exterior Contractor Bloomington Let’s face it, home improvement projects are frequently on a homeowner’s mind. Deciding on what to do next to your home and when to do it can be a tough decision. Living in Bloomington, MN, there are certain times of the year where various home improvement projects are best suited. With the help of our dedicated staff members at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., a realistic exterior home improvement plan can be developed to fit your every need. Read Full Post

Siding Contractor Shakopee MN

Siding ContractorWe often get the question for individuals in the Shakopee, MN area, how do I know when it is time for me to replace my exterior siding? Like any product out there, over time, siding does need to be replaced. It wears out, can crack, and may be at a point that it is leaking. If you are at that point, it definitely is time to replace your siding.
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Exterior Remodeling Shakopee MN

There’s something special about pulling up to your own cozy home every evening. After a long day’s work, it’s nice to come into your driveway and look at the beautiful exterior of your house right before you settle down for the day. Keeping the outside of your home in great shape is important for the upkeep of your house! If you live in Shakopee, MN, Tollefson Bros.can provide all of your exterior remodeling service needs.
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Siding Replacement Minnetonka MN

Importance Of Appearance Of Your Home’s Siding

Vinyl SidingWhen it comes to the appearance of your Minnetonka, MN home, nothing can make or break the look quite like siding. Your home’s siding adds curb appeal as well as energy efficiency. It is the first thing people see when driving past your home. Siding sets the tone for the overall look of your home and makes a statement about who lives inside.