Importance Of Appearance Of Your Home’s Siding

Vinyl SidingWhen it comes to the appearance of your Minnetonka, MN home, nothing can make or break the look quite like siding. Your home’s siding adds curb appeal as well as energy efficiency. It is the first thing people see when driving past your home. Siding sets the tone for the overall look of your home and makes a statement about who lives inside.

Why not love the home you are in?

More Minnetonka, MN homeowners are choosing to stay in their current homes. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the same old house. Maybe exterior remodeling is the best choice. Choose a new color, texture or complete new look for your home. We will listen to you and then help you to make informed decisions. Tollefson Brothers Exteriors has experienced siding contractors to help you through the entire process.

Choices In Replacement Siding

At Tollefson Brothers Exteriors we have several choices for maintenance free, permanent siding. The look you want for your home can be achieved when working with an experienced professional. Consult one of our siding contractors in the Minnetonka area for more information on which style is the right choice for your home. We have siding options to fit your needs, wants and budget.

Vinyl Siding:

• Most popular siding in Minnetonka MN
• Many color choices
• Maintenance free (no more painting)
• Long lasting and durable
• Beautiful
• Cost effective investment in your home

Cement Fiber Siding:

• Look of wood without the cost or maintenance
• Durable for Minnesota weather
• Made from a mix of wood pulp and cement
• Flame resistant for safety
• 5x thicker than vinyl
• Resists high wind and hail

Cultured Stone Siding:

• Beauty of stone made simple
• Many different textures available
• Realistic look of stone, bricks and masonry
• Natural looking beauty
• Withstands Minnesota weather conditions
• Dramatic effects can be achieved

Siding Affects The Health Of Your Minnetonka MN Home

Your home’s siding is protection for one of your biggest investments and for your loved ones. Siding that is in need of repair is prone to be a health hazard for your family. Water damage to your home from ice, rains or flood can allow mold to grow and potentially make inhabitants sick. Exterior siding that is damaged from a storm or an accident, can allow insects or rodents to enter your home. Siding that is damaged must be repaired or replaced. Proper siding installation is at least as important as the quality of the product used.

Contact a siding contractor at Tollefson Brothers Exteriors, Inc. for a Free Estimate on your exterior remodeling, siding installation or siding repair, our number is 952-881-2218.