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If you live in Bloomington, MN and were home last night, there is no doubt you heard it, saw it and cringed at it… The hail falling from the sky, nearly the size of a golf ball. Your first thought may be “My Car?!” or maybe your just thankful you actually put your car...

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Hail damage is not one of those weather events that you can prepare for. Mother nature doesn’t always give warning before a hailstorm hits the Bloomington, Richfield or Minneapolis, MN areas. There’s nothing that you can cover your home up with to prevent hail damage....

Hail Damage Repair

While Bloomington, MN may be known for the brutal winter weather that hits this region annually, it is not the only type of weather that hits this area. Hail damage is another type of weather event that occurs in this area at times. How did your home hold up against the last hail storm that hit this region? It’s no surprise that the roof of your home takes the hardest hit when it comes to a hail storm. If your home is in need of hail damage repair, leave it up to the local experts at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. Our storm damage repair team has been serving the Bloomington, MN area for more than 25 years. So when mother nature hits your home when you least expect it, let our staff handle your hail damage repairs with ease. Read Full Post

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Bloomington Hail Damage RepairThere is never going to be an opportune time to make roofing repairs, or especially for full roof replacements, but when the time does finally come for the roof of your home or business to be replaced or repaired, you’ll want to be sure you have a reliable and experienced roofing company behind you to make sure the work gets done quickly and correctly. At Tollefson Bros Exteriors, we want to be the Bloomington, MN roof repair company for you, providing storm-damaged roof repairs, full roof replacements, and small roof repairs using Owens-Corning roofing, GAF roofing, and CertainTeed asphalt roofing repair techniques. No matter what your roof repair needs may be, don’t put them off, especially as we get closer and closer to winter. Instead, give us a call, and make the necessary roof repairs you need today so that your home or business doesn’t sustain any preventable weather damage. Read Full Post