Bloomington Hail Damage Repair If you live in Bloomington, MN and were home last night, there is no doubt you heard it, saw it and cringed at it… The hail falling from the sky, nearly the size of a golf ball. Your first thought may be “My Car?!” or maybe your just thankful you actually put your car in the garage this time. But now that the hail has melted, there is a bigger issue to worry about: Your Home. It’s easy to just go along your normal day and think nothing of the hail and what it could have done to your home; but what’s easy and what’s best may be two different things. Our Exterior Contractor Professionals urge you to take the route that is most beneficial -which would be contacting a licensed roofing contractor that specializes in Insurance claims for hail damage, like the local roofing professionals at Tollefson Inc.

Residential Hail Damage Repairs

There is something so majestic about Mother Nature, how our meteorologists can’t predict her to save their integrity and how damaging she can be. But if you’re like the many Minnesota homeowners that had a decent roof over their head, until last night – your insurance company will allow you to get hail damage repairs completed by a reputable contractor, at no price to you and without raising your homeowner’s insurance rates. Tollefson Inc. is a great resource for homeowners in the Bloomington, MN area and can perform such repairs.

Insurance Claim Hail Damage Repairs in Bloomington

The storm damage professionals at Tollefson are experienced in the insurance claim process. We understand you still have your busy schedule, regardless if hail falls in your area or not. Which is why we can do it all for you, yep everything, unless you would like to be involved in it. Once you call us to inspect your roof and property for Hail or other Storm Damages we will promptly arrive at your home at the time discussed and complete an entire home inspection to ensure no storm damaged is overlooked and you get a fair amount that will cover all the needed repairs.

We are an Advocate for Minnesota Homeowners needing Storm Damage Repair

It’s not every day your home gets hailed on but we make a living installing, replacing and repairing residential roofing systems and we know exactly what to look for. We will take our own assessment of the damages and talk with your insurance adjuster to ensure a fair outcome for you. The condition of your roof is a big deal, and our professionals are willing to team up with you to ensure the damage you see, suspect or are worried about is a thing of the past.

Contact Tollefson Today for our Hail Damage Repair Contractors to quickly come out to your Bloomington home and go over our findings with you and the insurance adjuster – free of charge. Have an ace up your sleeves when dealing with the insurance company by calling 952-881-2218 before your insurance adjuster comes out. We work for you!