licensed Minnesota roofing contractorHi, ho. Hi, ho. It’s off to work we go! In order to prevent damages to your home this winter, and avoid those high heating bills, picking up the phone and calling Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. is the best solution! We are digging our heels in and working hard to winter proof your Minnesota roof before the cold comes! Looking for reputable and licensed Minnesota roofing contractors is no easy task, however at Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc., we are a name you can trust at a price that you can afford!

Prevent Damages To Your Home

Two words: Ice dams. Whew! Haven’t you heard that story of poor, old Billy Bob. Billy Bob moved to Minnesota after living in Florida all his life. As his neighbors were making preparations for the winter, Billy Bob was shopping for new sweaters. Little did he know that the roof he had was not winter proof and would collapse on his entire sweater collection just 1 month later. Poor Billy Bob. Just think, if he had called Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., he could have gotten that pre-winter roof inspection and saved him a ton of money! Getting licensed Minnesota roofing contractors out to your home to perform a pre-winter roof inspection is an absolute must. We can help to prevent major problems down the road, like ice dams, or collapsed roofs. Paying a little in the fall for preventative work is much easier than paying to repair it, and much cheaper too!

High Heating Bills and Ice Dams

Did you know that these two things can go together? What’s the common factor in both of these scenarios? You guessed it, attic insulation! While you are cleaning your gutters and checking on your furnace, make sure you get a professional to come and insulate your attic. Poor Billy Bob…Not only is he cold, he’s out of money! No more shopping for him this season, as the high heating bills have got his pockets empty. While he tried to save money by having cheaper insulation in the attic, all of that “paid” air escaped from the residence, causing those bills to raise too! Then, of course, as the heat escaped the attic, the snow melted right on his roof and the re-froze, over and over. Thus, creating a large ice dam that completely collapsed his home. Poor old Billy Bob.

This year, Billy Bob called us in August. He got our licensed Minnesota roofing contractors to come out to his home and get a professional pre winter roof inspection. This year Billy Bob was able to prevent damages, save money, and stay safe and cozy. His closet is filled with holiday sweaters and he’s enjoying Minnesota more and more everyday. For all your winter proofing needs, call Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. today at 952-881-2218.