Window Replacement MNLiving in Maple Grove, MN, you know that the winter months comes with frigid cold temperatures and you’re always stuck putting plastic over your windows to cut down on those electric bills. Who doesn’t? With the sky-rocketing prices of electric and gas, you’re heating bill flies out of the roof every winter and let’s face it, when you live in Minnesota you know that “winter” is the longest season we have…With most things you want to cut corners and save money. In today’s economy you almost have to, to survive. Making sure you have the most energy efficient products on the market is pretty important and who wouldn’t start with some energy-star rated replacement windows? After all, that’s where your heat is really escaping to during those freezing nights.

Top 5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows:

Energy Efficient

We were raised to save energy and make every penny last. Ever been yelled at for holding the refrigerator door open for too long? You’re not cooling the house off, remember! Well, it’s the same thing with your windows. You don’t want to cool or warm the outside and I’m pretty sure you’re electric bill agrees with you. If you notice moisture building up on your windows in the summer or perhaps the excessive frost during the winter and you can’t see a thing! Then your windows are probably leaking somewhere, causing moisture to come in and go out. This isn’t a good combination and you should definitely think about replacing them. If you’re anything like most people, you hate lining your windows with plastic every fall before the cold temperatures start. For one, no matter how long you hold your hair dryer over them they will never be ‘wrinkle free’ and for two, they are just plain tacky.


You may not want to start a band and practice in your living room because the sound proofing only works one way! You may find yourself sitting in your living room watching your favorite TV series but the next door neighbor has been mowing all morning and you can’t hear a thing, even with the windows closed! And what about Sparky? The other neighbor’s dog who barks at a blowing leaf in the street and he never shuts up. Having new, quality windows, you can guarantee a much more quiet and relaxed TV watching experience. Although it’s not completely sound proof, it cuts the noise out about 90% compared to your old windows.

Home Appeal

You’ve lived in this house for as long as you can remember and it was built in 1934. What a great year and such a beautiful vintage home, but the windows don’t match the look. Over time windows can warp and scratch or even crack, not to mention them leaking from the caulk that is no longer intact over the years. For whatever reason you have, updating your windows is always a win-win for not only you, but for your home.


You may have some windows that are sealed shut, don’t open or creak as you open them making all the dogs in the neighborhood bark, especially Sparky, who isn’t going to stop for another hour or so. Replacing your old windows not only make your home look better, it allows for a more functioning home also. You can air out your home completely now in the beautiful spring season without any hassles. Not to mention the fact that new windows are much easier to clean and stay clean. You can Windex your old windows over and over again and they still aren’t clean! What is that smudge?! With new windows, it’s as simple as one spray and one wipe and their crystal clear again. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?


We all know that living in Minnesota can get pretty crazy during storm season when the temperatures start to rise and the humidity spikes. Having new windows can make the world of a difference in your homes safety. Also, if you’re afraid of robber’s, you won’t be any more once you replace your windows and have new secured locks. Another safety measure in most homes is having small children. Maybe you have old windows upstairs that you always have a hard time locking or don’t lock and you’re afraid little Suzie is going to fall out when you turn your back for just a split second. New windows can benefit your entire home and your entire family.

Window Replacement Experts Maple Grove MN

Now you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to replace your windows but you’re unsure who to call. Making sure you have quality work and experienced installers is going to be your number one thought. Luckily for you, Tollefson Bros. has many years of experience installing the perfect energy efficient windows with quality and timely work. We have a professional window installation team that has been completing these jobs for years and the best part is, we install windows that are designed and made right here in Minnesota. That gives us a huge vantage point when installing the best windows because the only people who know what Minnesota weather is really like, are the people who live and work in Minnesota.

So, say goodbye to Sparky and those plastic kits because we’re going to install the best windows you can buy to withstand the cold of the winters and the noise of the summer.

Call us today for a FREE estimate online and wait no longer to live in serenity or call us at 952.881.2218!