Window Replacement Edina, MNRegardless of the season, window replacement is available throughout the year, during all extremes of weather. A true professional can strategize a plan that eliminates hindering the installation process. But nevertheless, spring time weather is prime for window installation and replacement.

Window Replacement Signs

Condensation build up on a window can occur in brutally frigid winter weather and warm sticky summer weather. Condensation is a sign that your windows are in dire need of replacement. In the winter, if condensation is entering your home, so is the cold air which means your furnace is working overtime trying to compensate for the leaky windows. In the summer months, when moisture enters a home, it causes strain to your air-conditioning system because it has to remove the excess humidity. Some homeowners buy a dehumidifier for a quick fix to the problem. But these instances will cost you a pretty penny all year long and your expenses will be affected by windows that need replacement.

High Quality Vinyl Windows

Not only can will your old windows drain a lot of your hard earned money, they can also be a major eye sore. If your windows are older, chances are they are made out of wood. Wood windows need to be stained or painted frequently; this task can prove daunting but it is necessary to keep up the look and quality. If not maintained, the look of wood windows can become straggly.  Now days, the recommended window is made with vinyl. Vinyl windows are maintenance free and are just as energy efficient as wood windows, when installed properly.

Windows Designed with Minnesota in Mind

Tollefson Bros installs Richlin vinyl windows which are locally created in Minnesota and are designed specifically for this state’s extreme weather.  These high quality vinyl windows have a multitude of different styles. Whether you are looking for a double hung window, bay window, a basement window or want to get creative with some geometric shaped windows, we can install it! Just because vinyl can’t be painted doesn’t mean it has to be white. Depending on the window styles you choose other colors are available. These vinyl windows are not just gorgeous and affordable but they also backed by a lifetime warranty!

Quality Installation

You could spend your life savings on windows promised to be of the best quality but if the windows are not installed properly they will do nothing for your home. It is important to make sure the company you entrust to install your windows has the needed experience. Even the most energy efficient window will cost you an arm and a leg in energy bills if it is not properly installed. Call Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. at 952-881-2218 for a free estimate on a professional window installation or replacement today!