Replacement Window ServicesIf you are anything like most Americans, getting a high energy bill in the mail will put a big damper on your day. You may be wondering, why is my bill so high especially in the peak of the summer, and during the harsh winter? Well, a good place to start is inspecting your current windows. For those individuals who live in an older home, poorly insulated windows can be a large contributor to those high energy bills. Placing your hand at the base of the window to see if you feel cold or hot air slipping through the cracks is an easy way to self inspect your windows. If you are in the Eden Prairie, MN region, let Tollefson Bros. Exteriors provide you with a free estimate, and handle all of your window replacement needs.

Our Replacement Windows

One of the neat features of our replacement windows is that they are developed and built right here in Minnesota. The reason for this is because it is important that we provide our customers with windows that are developed with the harsh winters and humid summers of Minnesota in mind. Our Richlin vinyl replacement windows come in a wide range of styles and are backed by a lifetime warranty. This warranty allows you to leave the worry behind so that you can invest in windows that will not only boost your curb appeal, but will also decrease your energy costs.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

First and foremost, a new set of windows is sure to help with those high utility bills. Our energy efficient windows will add insulation to your home, which in turn will decrease the amount of energy your home uses. By replacing your old, worn down windows with a set of our maintenance free windows can help you save between 25-40% on your future heating and cooling bills. Another benefit to our vinyl windows is that they never need to be painted or stained like wood windows.

Do not spend another cold winter in Eden Prairie, MN without calling Tollefson Bros. Exteriors for a free window replacement estimate. Call us today at (952) 881- 2218 to set up an appointment today!