Window Replacement Mpls/St PaulReplacing the windows in your Minneapolis home is not small decision. There are so many types of window manufacturers, window replacement contractors and installation choices. Tollefson Bro’s is a local Window Replacement Company with experienced design and installation crews that will do wonders for your home. The benefits of replacing old windows are numerous, whether you’re most concerned about energy efficiency, look or function – we have a quality replacement window brand for your Minnesota home: Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows.

How to tell if you need new windows?

There are common signs it’s time to replace the current windows in your home. Efficiency is a common reason to replace windows. Can you feel a temperature difference next to your current window? If so, you’re wasting the earth’s natural resources and your hard earned money. Appearance – windows are likely to be in every room of a home. When dirty, crack pained and worn windows are displayed in every room of the house, it gets to be unsightly. Function – a window that won’t open isn’t doing any property any favors. Windows allow much-needed circulation and if you’re having a hard time using your window, it’s time for an upgrade. Cleanliness – Old windows that are hard to move are also hard to clean. If you have given up on the appearance of your windows, you may benefit by contacting a window replacement contractor.

Why Vinyl Replacement Windows?

Everyone in the window installation industry will tell you that their window is the BEST of the BEST. Nothing can compare. With that being said, there are many different window manufacturers, many of them offering some are extremely popular and solidly constructed windows, like Andersen Windows but they come at a hefty price. Regardless if it is a quality made vinyl window or a solid wood window, each person is entitled to their own opinion. Tollefson Bro’s has found that our replacement window preference to work with is Richlin Windows. We love that they are locally manufactured and designed for the harsh Minnesota Climate.

Minneapolis Window Replacement Contractor

We are focused on providing cost effective window replacement services for homeowners all throughout Minneapolis. There are plenty of windows over marketed out there. We are not trying to sell you those, we are trying to partner with you so that you can enjoy new replacement windows within your budget and style. Contact Refuge today for an estimate on Minneapolis Window Replacement services at 952-881-2218.