Window ReplacementAs the snow falls and the temperature continues to drop, residents of Minneapolis, MN begin to notice their old windows. Not only are they pretty large eyesores within the home, the big problem seems to be the lack of function they maintain. If you live in Minneapolis and have old, outdated windows, it’s likely that your heating bill is sky high right now. A large portion of that could be due to the insufficiency of your windows. Letting that cold air inside your home is not ideal in the dead of winter. At Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, we can replace those old windows with windows that are meant for all that Minnesota weather has to offer!

Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows

When we perform window replacements on our Minneapolis, MN homes, we only want to install the best. The Richlin Vinyl replacement windows that we use are specifically designed for Minnesota weather. Ther are made to withstand these cold, below freezing temperatures in the winter while also being able to hold their own during the hot and humid summers. These windows are made right here in Minnesota and designed with our climate in mind.


That’s right, once we replace your windows there will be no need to put that towel around the seal. These windows are so tight and have warm edge technology which makes it even more efficient than insulated glass. This type of efficiency brings comfort into the home. Keeping your “paid” air inside and everything else outside! Ultimately, this also means that you will save money on your heating and cooling bills. When people replace their old windows with our high quality windows, they can end up saving anywhere from 25-40% on their heating and cooling bills! Who doesn’t love that?

Maintenance Free

Our windows were made to provide great performance, strength, and durability like no other. With that being said, these windows are completely maintenance free. They never need to be painted or stained. They do not decay. All you have to do is give them a good wipe and they are ready to go.

It’s time that you finally replaced those old windows. If not for the maintenance and look alone, do it for all the potential money you can save on your energy bills! For more information on window replacement in Minneapolis, MN, give Tollefson Bros. Exteriors a call today at 952-881-2218 and get your free estimate right away!