Edina Window ReplacementMinnesota The Cold State

Minnesota barrels through many drastic changes of climate. Minnesota residents endure face melting heat to bone chilling winter times within the matter of months. The Licensed and Insured Window Replacement Contractors near Edina, MN want you, the proud home owner to not encounter the same extensive temperature fluxuations as you would face outside of your home. You have worked hard to get where you are, now it’s time to let Tollefson Bros make where you’re supposed to always feel comfortable, be the most comfortable. Call Today!

Edina Replacement Windows

Think of your house as a glass of water. Now imagine your windows as the ice cubes inside your glass of water. What happens over time with the ice? It begins to cool off the surrounding open areas. Outdated windows act in the same way. In your home with the drop in temperature that your older windows are producing, your furnace is constantly attempting to heat an area that will remain cold. If you have 14 windows and they’ll only have just one degree discrepancy between the glass and room temperature, the equivalence to heat and energy loss is the same as completely removing one of the windows.

High Heating Bill?

If your worried about your heat bill, feel drafty areas in certain parts of your home, or if you have to entirely close off one of your rooms. Call Tollefson Bros for an immediate appointment and let us put money back in your pocket where it belongs! You still pay for using the room that is blocked off for the winter right? Why not utilize the area you have and thrive on comfortability and affordability, while maintaining your privilege as a home owner. With special adjusting financing options to best suit you and top of the line quality product, while a trusting construction team does the work for you. What better time than now to be ahead of the spike in the dead winter and proactively use preventive maintenance to insure your life and money is spent by living better?!

Why Vinyl Windows?

When windows were first made they started out as a wood mainframe surrounding single pane glass. When condensation sets in, the distillation needs to travel somewhere. What happens when the window becomes damp? It becomes spongy and soaks up moisture in the area, causing black mold on window sills and possible frame damage inside the window cavity. The beauty of wood will always be a treasure although the productivity in the material has its flaws. The next attempt was metal and aluminum main frame windows. Which seemed to be a solution to the moisture issue that wood window frames presented, but what happens is the window acts as a conductor. So the cold outside transfers through the mainframe into the house. Finally, manufactures discovered a product that makes sense. Vinyl, a hardened plastic to insure dependability along with maintaining elegance for the eye. Vinyl mainframe windows help in ways wood, metal, or aluminum seem to lack in. Installing new replacement vinyl windows will keep Old Man Winter at bay outside while inside you are enjoying an adjustable comfortable climate. Vinyl is a product that will not rot or fall out. But it will prevent drastic temperatures from penetrating through your walls, into your home and consequently your wallet. Vinyl Replacement Windows, installed by experienced professionals will, however, raise the value in your home and way of living!

Edina Window Installation Company

Tollefson Bros Exterior has been assisting customers by professionally installing windows in Edina, MN, with knowledge, trust, experience and wisdom when it comes to all replacement and upgrade needs. If you are in the area and you need to contact an expert, Call Tollefson Bros today 952-881-2218 for professional window installation and replacement.