Window Contractor BloomingtonAre your windows making you uncomfortable? Are you sick of gathering all your strength to try and open or close your existing home windows? Or maybe you’re done paying higher energy bills only for comfort to fly out the window? Do you have cracked window panes? Damaged window screens? Or window too far gone that you can’t even tell you scrubbed them with Windex for half an hour? If so, it’s time to replace your windows. Is it a big investment? Yes. But the rewards of replacing our windows are big too.

We have already established the different ways old windows can make everyone uncomfortable. But what are the benefits of new replacement windows? The window replacement professionals at Tollefson install Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows. Below are some reasons for our Window Company’s preferred decision.

Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows:

  • Manufactured out of Minnesota – we love that we are encouraging the local economy but we also understand that is not all that is important. So read on…
  • Full Frame & Insert Window Selection – Richlin Vinyl Windows are designed to work with full frame window replacements, as well as insert window replacements – which can save you a lot of dough!
  • Insulation – Richlin windows have insulated frames and sashes. To ensure energy efficiency around the entire window, not just the glass.
  • Color Options – Just because these windows are vinyl doesn’t mean they have to be white. There is a variety of color selections and even wood grain patterns.
  • Tax Credit – Many Richlin windows are energy efficient enough to qualify for tax credits.
  • Hardware – Richlin windows include durable locking technology for security.
  • Easy Cleaning – Many of the windows manufactured by Richlin have tilting sashes, so you can clean the outside of windows without the ladder.

Window Replacement Contractor Bloomington

Replacement windows save you money, add to the value of your home and provide you beauty and comfort in almost every room. Contact our Window Replacement Contractors in Bloomington for a free estimate on your window replacement needs. Also, don’t forget to ask us about our financing options with 12 months no interest and no payments, applying only takes about ten minutes. Contact our window installation and replacement professionals at 952-881-2218.