HouseWithWindowsWhen it comes to deciding what needs to be upgraded or fixed in your home, some jobs are easy to spot. For example, if your carpet seems to be creeping off the ground in certain areas, it may be easy to determine that it’s time to give your carpet some tender loving care. However, there are some home improvements around the house that are not so obvious, where it’s not easy to know when it’s time for repair until it’s too late.

We all know that older neighborhoods need upgrades. But in many cases, homeowners don’t really know how to properly repair their windows. Just like other areas in your home, eventually your windows will need to be replaced as well. Below are some “warning” signs that can help you determine whether or not your windows are in need of being replaced.

Condensation inside the window panes

If you start to notice condensation building up inside of the window panes, it is a good sign that the window seal might have failed. Not only is the window letting moisture get inside the window panes, the insulating quality of the window suffers greatly as well. When the window seal fails, the inert gasses in between the panes release, which gives air the ability to flow freely through the window, no one wants that.

Dirt Accumulation on Windows

Windows that are very easily able to open and close could be a sign of dirt accumulation around the window. In most cases, a thorough cleaning about once a year will help keep the widow from malfunctioning. A window that is having difficulties opening or closing, or rough movement, can also indicate that some component in the window is starting to fail. Some of the components can easily be replaced, like the window locks and handles. However, over time the overall structure of the window will start to weaken.

Temperature Changes in your Home

Does your home get very cold during the winter months and unbearably hot during the summer? If it seems like your furnace or air conditioner has to run on over-time to compensate for the temperature fluctuations, there could be a good chance your windows are in trouble. Quality windows help insulate and keep your home warm or cold when the temperatures change.

If you live in the city or in a busy area of town where there is a lot of traffic or airplanes, new windows can help reduce noise pollution. New windows with laminated glass can do wonders when it comes to blocking out unwanted noise throughout your home.Don’t wait too long to replace your windows. If windows begin to fail, water damage can start to take over. Windows can only resist the frigid cold and searing hot temperatures for some time. When windows start to lose their ability to help keep your home insulated, it will create higher energy costs and less comfort in your home. Our professional window contractors at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. can provide you with replacement windows that a perfectly designed to withstand Minnesota’s weather fluctuations and keep your home energy efficient.

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