Bloomington MN energy efficiency contractorAlthough you may be used to the cold climate, and high energy bills, you may be paying far more than you should. Living in a cold climate like Minnesota, it is important to understand if your house is efficient for the harsh climate, otherwise this can be extremely costly. Replacing your windows with new ones will lower your energy bills, and having new windows in one very cold Minnesota winter could make up for the costs. Before you start shopping for new windows, let Tollefson Bros Exteriors Inc., come give you a free estimate and talk to you about what can be done.

Many older homes will have decaying windows, although it is possible to repair rot, jammed sashes and broken parts, if water has penetrated around the frame, the windows need to be removed and replaced before they rot. Another sign that will indicate if you need know windows is if you have condensation between the layers of insulated glass.

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Caulking and weather stripping help reduce drafts, and when done right can help temporarily but oftentimes, this is an inconvenient way to save energy, and also caulking and weather stripping is short lived and has to be replaced, which can only be done if the outside temperature is above 45 degrees. Therefore, if it is already late fall or early winter, it is hard to find warm days to complete this task.

Another precaution to be aware of is owning a home that was built before the 1978. Homes built before this year, and especially prior to 1960, almost always have lead paint. Also, these houses often have single pane glass windows, and as you open and close them, this realises lead dust and results in lead poisoning, especially in children. We can help replace the windows, and give you suggestions on who to contact for paint removal.

At Tollefson Bros Contractors we have the knowledge to take care of you, and your window replacement needs. We use Richlin Vinyl Replacement Windows that are manufactured in Minnesota, and designed for the weather here. Because the windows are so strong and durable they come with a lifetime warranty which is unheard of. Windows are a great investment, they help keep the value or your home up and the cost of your energy bills down. So if you think that new windows for your home or business are the right thing to do, contact Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. today.