Wall Insulation Contractor in Bloomington, MinnesotaAs the temperatures start to fall each year, it becomes more and more important to make sure that your home is energy efficient and can keep the warm air inside your home. Insulation helps your home stay at the temperature that you want it and can minimize the amount of heating and cooling that you need to stay comfortable. Insulation helps reduce your power bills each month and can even reduce overall noise pollution. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. specializes in attic insulation for homeowners in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Increase your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Decrease your Power Bills

The team at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. is pleased to offer what is known as expanding blown-in fiberglass insulation, which is an excellent choice for improving overall energy efficiency in your home. You can expect to save close to 20% each year on your energy bills when we install this insulation product in your walls and attic. Because of the dramatic temperature extremes in Minnesota, your choice of home insulation is critically important. Current recommendations for our area are for between R-38 to R-60, which translates to 18”-22” in thickness. We can help you determine how much insulation is right for your walls and attic of your home and we will provide you with a free estimate of exactly what we recommend.

In addition to being experts at wall and attic insulation, the team at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors also prides itself in offering professional, friendly service for each and every one of our Bloomington customers.  We have served the Twin Cities Metro area for more than 25 years and have become a trusted insulation contractor because of our commitment to professionalism and affordable pricing. We understand that your home is your biggest and most important investment. Our team will help you protect that investment and save money in the process. The money that you will save on your energy bills will more than cover the cost of the insulation.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Wall Insulation

You should not continue to throw away money on costly power bills each month.  Partnering with the team at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. is an easy way to get the insulation replaced and installed in the walls of your home this season. For more information or to schedule a time for our team to come to your home for a free consultation, call us at 952-881-2218 today.