Twin Cities Siding CompaniesWhen you’re searching for a siding contractor near you, you’ll likely find list after list of Twin Cities siding companies that look nearly identical. So how can you tell which companies can be trusted and which can’t? How do you know who will perform quality work and make you and your home a priority? At Tollefson Bros. Exterior, Inc., we want to make sure you find the best Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN siding contractor for you. That’s why we’re going to share the most effective ways of evaluating siding companies and finding the best fit for you, whether you’re installing new siding, or replacing or repairing old siding. Below are seven qualities that set Tollefson Bros. apart and that you should always look for in a siding company.

1. Experienced Siding Contractors with a Longstanding Reputation
Our siding contractors aren’t new to this business. We’ve been an established company for 25 years, working throughout the Twin Cities are to provide a range of services, including siding and insulation. We’ve also been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 2000, maintaining an A+ rating for our company standards and practices. What’s it mean to be an accredited business? We have to meet every BBB standard, including being trustworthy and honest, and properly licensing our business.

2. Excellent Siding Options
Not all siding contractors offer the best products, but when you work with us, you’ll get only the best. We install, repair and replace vinyl and cement fiber siding, including Clapboard and Dutch lap profiles in several different levels of reveal. We also install cultured stone products, as well! So whether you know exactly what you want or you’re searching for options, you’ve come to the right place.

3. Combined Insulation and Siding Services
As siding and insulation contractors, we can install both easily and quickly. That means that if you need both new siding and insulation, you don’t have to call in two contractors to get a simply job done.

4. Trusted Local Siding Company
Working with a local siding company has obvious advantages, but the most important is that should anything go wrong on your property while or after working with the company, you can easily track them down and have repairs straightened out quickly. Not so with companies from farther away.

5. Storm Damaged Siding Repair Contractors
Living in Minnesota, having a siding company that will be there when your home is threatened by storms is an important part of choosing a contractor who offers every service you might need.

6. Insurance-Approved Siding Repairs
Because we work with insurance companies, should anything happen to your home that necessitates repairs, you can be sure they’ll be covered by your insurance when you call our contractors.

7. Free Estimates and Financing Options
While some companies might ask you to pay for an estimate or pay for all of your work up front, we do things differently. We value our customers, and we understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. That’s why we offer free estimates and financing options for home repairs and remodeling.

If you’re looking for a Twin Cities siding company that meets these requirements and more, contact the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota contractors of Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. today at 952-881-2218.