Tornado RepairIf you get lucky, though, and the tornado largely spares your house, you may have to face the reality of needing minor to even significant repairs following the passing of the tornado. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. has the experience and professional skills necessary to return your home to its pre-tornado state.

Extreme weather is frightening, and it does seem to be occurring more frequently. Tornados have been called the most intense and powerful weather event. They do not have the duration of a hurricane, but for their shorter time in existence, they do more concentrated damage than virtually any other weather system. Our team can help by repairing your home and restoring some of your peace of mind.

Repairing your Home after a Tornado

Tornados are outside of our control. Extreme weather has the potential to damage not only your home but your financial well-being too. Living in the Midwest, the chances that your property could sustain damage is high compared to many other parts of the country. You may be able to complete any number of home repairs, but it is not likely that you will have the ability to complete the repairs necessary after a tornado. We have the tools and the experience to do the job right.

We are also certified by insurance companies. This means that we know how to work with large companies in the aftermath of such events as tornados. Our experience means that we can look at the damage done to your house by a tornado and assess it accurately. We look at the damage in a methodical way so that our repairs will be sound and thorough. Other companies, with less experience, may want to simply get the job done fast. We separate ourselves by doing methodically fast work with precision and care.

Tornado Damage Repair

Our team works hard to be trustworthy, and stake our reputation on demonstrating the qualities of an excellent company with every customer interaction. After your home has been damaged by a tornado, we believe you will understand the benefits of such an approach. And we hope you will consider us if the time comes when a tornado strikes fear into you like few things can. To contact us, simply call 952-881-2218 and we will quickly set up a time to assess the damage to your home.