Top Three Benefits Of Replacing Your RoofLet’s be honest, every homeowner dreads having to deal with the replacement of their roof. Owning and maintaining a home isn’t cheap, and the roof likely hits the top of the list when it comes to big ticket items. While roof issues are never welcome, they are, unfortunately, a part of life; especially here in Minnesota, where we have such a diverse climate, sometimes over a very short span. Replacing your roof gives you a chance to rejuvenate your home. It also affords you the opportunity to consider upgrades or alterations of the siding, gutters, and/or window shutters. There are some other benefits afforded to you:

  • Increased energy efficiency: One reason to replace your roof is to gain energy efficiency. Energy costs have been on the rise, and that isn’t good news for your wallet. An old roof won’t serve you as well as it once did, so that means it’s time to move on and get a new one installed instead. Plus, spending less money on energy means you have more room in your budget for maintaining other vital parts of your home.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Green technology is the way of the future. Roof replacement can help cut down on wasted energy. Getting a newer roof that is more energy efficient is becoming more attractive every year. Technology requirements for a greener roof is always improving and is quickly becoming more affordable to the average homeowner. Cities across the country should be attempting to focus on green initiatives that will help enhance the long-term comfort of all their residents.
  • Increased home value: Property tax records give you the assessed value of your land. Then, there are the improvements. Adding upgrades, completing renovations, and placing outdoor living spaces or hardscape features all serve to help improve your home’s resale value. While the housing market is unpredictable, you can be rest assured that a restored roof lasts longer than its aging predecessor. Nasty weather and powerful storms can blow your house down, but with a reinforced exterior and recently replaced roof, you can sleep at night knowing that any necessary repairs will be much more feasible than they used to be!

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