Roof Inspection and Repair Bloomington, MN Area

There is no single part of your home that is more important than the roof. Think about it…the famous saying is not, “It’s good to have a ceiling over your head.” It says, “It’s good to have a roof over your head.” Tollefson Bros. Exteriors has the experience and...

Professional Storm Damage Repair Assessment Bloomington MN

Storms in Minnesota can come without warning and can leave a large path of debris as they move to the next location. Your home has likely made it just fine though many storms since it was built, without any damage. However, in an instant, a thunderstorm or snow or ice...

Free Estimate For Exterior Home Repairs In Bloomington MN

The potential cost of exterior home repairs may be looming large this spring as you look around your home and realize it needs some work. Siding and roof repairs are difficult to estimate because it can be impossible to see all potential damage. If water gets...

Window Insert Benefits

Having trouble deciding between purchasing full frame replacement windows or window inserts? Getting advice from window experts is always a good place to start when making this decision.  Well, it must be your lucky day because our window professionals at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., want to share some window insert benefits for you to consider.
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Asphalt Roof Contracting Company

Your home is very likely your most important and valuable investment. Routine home repairs are a necessary and sometimes stressful part of home ownership. Keeping your roof working the way it should may be one of the most important of all home repairs. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. is an experienced and trusted roofing contractor serving the Twin Cities Metro area.  Our team can complete high quality, affordable asphalt roofing repair and replacement for homes and commercial properties. Read Full Post