Roof Company Bloomington

Bloomington Roofing Contractor MNWith the recent Bloomington weather, have you started to see a few brown spots on your ceiling? If you’ve been dealing with roof leaks for quite some time, it may be time to look into a roofing system replacement. A roof replacement at the hands of licensed roofing contractors like Tollefson Bros. Exteriors can finally cause you to sleep easy at night, even if it’s pouring rain outside. Read Full Post

Asphalt Roofing Installation Bloomington MN

Roofing Contractor MNNow that the snow has melted and the long days of summer are fast approaching, it’s time to start evaluating your roof! Bloomington, MN gets hit hard with all different types of weather throughout the year. So naturally, it’s important to keep your home safe and protected, no matter what the season! In order to do this, your first line of defense needs to be in tip top shape.
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Roof Installation Burnsville MN

Roofing Contractor MNIs your roof looking like it needs some work? Maybe it’s time for a complete roof replacement? Regardless, if you live in Burnsville, MN and are in need of roof work, craigslist is NOT the answer! Often times, people make the mistake of hiring a company or person that is not properly trained or they decide to do it themselves. Unfortunately, between mistakes and the high risk of accidents, a pricey bill tends to come with it…
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Roofing Contractor Burnsville MN

Roofing ContractorIs your roof looking a little rough? Is it about that time to replace your old roof with a new one? If you live in Burnsville, MN, call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors today to experience quality exterior upgrades done by professional licensed contractors! Tollefson Bros. Exteriors is locally owned and operated and has been serving the Burnsville, MN area for over 25 years. Minnesota is known for harsh weather and dramatic climate condition changes. The roof of your home is the first line of defense and therefore, is one of the most important and largest investments that you can make. Trust us to delivery high quality roofing products at an affordable price!
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Residential Contractor Eden Prairie MN

Roofing ContractorThe roof on your Eden Prairie, MN home has a big job to do. A roof has to protect your home and your family all through an unrelenting Minnesota winter and then face spring and summer storms. Any breach in the roofing system can lead to costly repairs or damage to your home. Now is a great time to call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors for a roof an estimate on Roofing Repairs or Roof Replacement Services. We are an experienced, high quality roofing contractor that is both Licensed and Affordable.
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