Storm Damage To Your RoofWhen a storm blows through, you might not think much of it. But, over time, an especially strong storm can do damage to the exterior of your home. Most of that damage, you can easily see with your own eyes quickly and make the necessary arrangements for repairs. However, most homeowners cannot see their roof to assess whether or not there has been any damage by a recent storm. This is exactly where Tollefson Bros. Exteriors comes in. We can assess damage from a recent storm (or one that blew through weeks ago) and make an assessment on the impact of your roof without you ever having to get on a ladder. In addition, we can also work directly with your insurance company so that you can get the most from your claim.

Storm Damage Contractor in Bloomington MN

Roof damage from a storm is very common. It can range from a damage to a few shingles to a tree falling and putting a hole in your roof. The reality is that most storm damage to your roof is somewhere in between and you may not immediately notice the damage until water has come inside from a leak. By then, water may have gotten in other places in your walls and ceilings that can cause serious damage.

The best thing to do when a strong storm comes through in Minnesota is contact the team at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors right away. If there is no damage, then there will be no worries and you can move on with your life (until the next big storm). At the very least, it is wise to have your roof inspected at least once a year for any damage that might not be obvious but leaves your home vulnerable to damage from future storms. Unfortunately, there is no real way to actually prevent a storm from damaging your home, having your roof inspected regularly is the best you can do.

Roofing Contractor that Works Directly with Insurance Company on Repairs

Our roofing contractors have extensive experience with roof inspection and repair so you can count on us to give you an honest assessment of any storm damage and a realistic estimate for repairs. We can communicate directly, and we will only get paid if they agree with our estimate. Storm damage is very common in Minnesota. If you have concerns about storm damage on your roof, call the team at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors at 952-881-2218 for a free estimate.