What You Should Know About Storm Damage Repairs St. Paul MN

Storm Damage Repair MNAs the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in St. Paul, MN just wait an hour or two… Minnesota has wildly varying weather that changes from season to season and  week to week, at times even hour to hour. Severe weather isn’t limited to the warm summer months or during a winter blizzard. In a place where temps can rise to well above comfortable to well below freezing within the same week, you may eventually need the assistance of a licensed, professional exterior repair and remodeling company.  Regardless of the season or the degree of the storm damage, the Tollefson Bros will quickly arrive on site and begin the home restoration process with a free estimate and evaluation. Whether it is gutter damage, roof damage or repairs to your siding, we offer licensed professional insurance home repairs.

Hail Storm Damages Only Get Worse

Get caught in a hailstorm and you will understand firsthand how painful these pellets of high-velocity frozen rain can feel. Hailstones can bruise human skin but the damage isn’t limited to people. A home can suffer from severe weather damage too. Homeowners need a comprehensive storm damage inspection after a severe storm. Don’t take a guess on roof damage—let the professions at the Tollefson Bros do the dangerous work of gutter damage or roof damage. Once those shingles get damaged by hail or moved out of place by wind, they leave a home vulnerable to future damage from precipitation or wind. If ignored, damages can get worse and quickly.

Hire a Proven Repair Company

Residents of St. Paul MN need to be prepared for storms.  This means having a professional storm team on hand if you need them. If you do have a severe storm experience, you want to focus on loved ones and not how you will fix your home. Storm damage is a serious matter and it needs to be assessed quickly and addressed properly. When you want qualified assistance to fix rainstorm damage, don`t hesitate to call the Tollefson Bros. From tree and debris removal to temporary weatherproofing to a complete reconstruction, we’ve got you covered. We handle home insurance repairs and storm damage inspection regularly and understood the requirements of navigating the insurance home repairs claim process successfully.

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