Storms 101 Guide: Storm Damage Repairs Minneapolis MN

Storm Damage Repairs MNResidents in the Minneapolis, MN aren’t strangers to storms, including the occasional hail storm. But regardless of what kind of storm it may be: snow, wind, hail or lightning, cleaning up afterwards can leave you with a leaking exterior, a flooded home and even extensive home damages. If you live in Minneapolis MN, you have an advocate—the home exterior experts Tollefson Brothers, licensed, experienced contractors who offer free estimate and hassle free repairs.

When it comes to roof inspection, insurance repairs or any type of storm damage repair, contact the Tollefson Bros and let us help you replace a damaged roof or siding after a storm. Dealing with a clean up and repair job is stressful, but for residents in Minneapolis MN, we can make the process simpler and much more straightforward.  It’s important to deal with storm damage as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the integrity and structure of your home. This is especially true if the interior is exposed to the elements or the you are dealing with a flooded home.

Common Types of Repairs:

Roof replacement after hail damage: Even quick moving hail storms can damage a roof, often leaving damage that can’t been seen when standing on the ground. The Tollefson Bros will provide a thorough roof inspection and gather the information you need for a detailed insurance report. Hail damage is nothing to take a chance with; hail strikes can soften a roof’s shingles and leave you exposed to more damage down the road.

Siding repair after a storm: Wind damage or a hail/wind storm together can cause extreme damage to a home’s exterior. Often these damages aren’t just cosmetic but cracks, dents and nicks leave the home vulnerable during future storms and daily moisture build up. Restore the beauty and durability of your siding after wind damage—call us to make those necessary repairs.

Contact Tollefson Bros through our website’s contact form or call 952-881-2218 to setup an appointment. We’ll be more than happy to give you a free estimate so you can get started on repairing a storm damaged home right away, whether you need help with a leaking exterior or damage to your siding. You need an advocate when it comes to dealing with the insurance company—let us help by providing you with hassle free repairs.