Storm Damage Home Repair MNStorms are a part of life and if you own a home in the Twin Cities it will likely see some sort of storm damage in one form or another. Our Storm Damage Restoration Contractors offer the local area help when filing an insurance claim for storm damage repairs. We’re experienced enough contractors to be able to determine the cost of repairs and clean up and work with the insurance company on your behalf to get the restoration amount needed to cover the costs of repairs and clean up fully. Contact Tollefson Bro’s and ensure a smooth storm damage repair process for your home today.

What you need to know about Filing a Storm Damage Insurance Claim Minnesota

Often times insurance will pay for repairs needed that has happened during a storm or throughout the years. Filing an insurance claim for wind and/or hail damage repairs will not raise your personal monthly home insurance premium and with a trusted Minnesota Roofing Contractor by your side you can be sure the needed repairs are completely paid for by your insurance. The benefit of working with a contractor when needing storm damage repairs is that you will get your money’s worth. You pay in every month; you deserve proper coverage from your policy.

Wind Damage Restoration

High winds can easily damage single family homes, apartment buildings, townhomes, office buildings and many other locations. Damages can range from a loosened gutter bracket to full neighborhood disasters. If you have experienced a storm with high winds that has left your home damaged contact the storm damage restoration professionals at Tollefson.

Hail Storm Damage Restoration

Hail is a trick element. A hail storm can occur without any warning and do major damages or it could follow a sequence in a violent storm, what still follows is damage. Regardless of how it happens, hail is damaging and there is nothing we can do about it. Well almost nothing…

  • Prevent costly hail damages by insuring our homes
  • Reduce damages by contact a storm damage contractor immediately after a storm to assess for home damages
  • Choose a qualified storm damage restoration contractor to prevent further damages by making the proper repairs.

Insurance Paid Home Repairs Minneapolis & St Paul

If a storm has left your home damaged in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN – contact our Minnesota Storm Damage Restoration Contractors for prompt and professional attention. Call 952-881-2218.