Storm DamageLet’s face it, we can’t predict mother nature. Because of that, sometimes our Maple Grove, MN homes can take quite a beating and there’s nothing we can do about it. The following are some of the most common types of damaging storms that can take a toll on your roof and the exterior of your home here in Minnesota.

Hail Storm Damage

Many homeowners living in the United States know about hailstorms and how damaging they can be if not properly prepared. Even if you are prepared, hail can still cause a ton of damage to your home, automobiles, businesses and other property. When a hail storm blows in, it does the most significant amount of damage to the exterior of your home or property.

  • Typical types of home damage caused by hail are: roof damage, siding damage, shingle damage and window damage.

Ice/Snow Storm Damage

  • Ice/snow storms can generate freezing rain that coats everything in its path with a layer of glazed ice. Ice storms can create broken tree branches, power outages, damage to shingles and other dangerous conditions.
  • Snow can be extremely heavy if it’s the wet kind, which can significantly cause damage to your roof. The heavy snow can also cause tree branches and power lines to fall on or around your home as well.

Tornado Damage

  • Tornadoes can be frightening, and the damage they can cause is even more terrifying. Most tornado damage is done by straight-line winds. When these high winds reach upwards towards 300 MPH, it can cause flying debris, leading to siding damage, window damage, roof damage and much more.

Lightning Damage

  • Believe it or not, lightning causes around $5 to $6 billion dollars in damage per year. Lighting can hit tress, and other structures which can cause significant damage and power outages. Lightning can also cause wildfires, structure fires, property damage and more.

Storm Damage? No Problem With Tollefson Bros.

All of our professional and licensed contractors have been working on storm damaged homes for many years all throughout Minnesota. We perform a complete inspection around your house and inspect additional structures for damage. We are equipped to fix it all with our combining skill, knowledge, experience and the right tools and materials.

If you have any questions about storm damage or need some repairs, call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. today at 952-881-2218!