Storm Damage Repair MinnesotaMany will argue that exterior upgrades and repairs are all just a normal part of home ownership. Honestly, when you live in an extreme climate like Minnesota, those people can be right. Storm damages happen. Ice and snow will fall. The wind will blow. As a homeowner, you need a team that’s going to be there when disaster strikes. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors specializes in residential storm damage repairs. As licensed Minnesota contractors in the area, we have been providing exterior upgrades and repairs to homeowners for over 25 years. If your home has been damaged after a storm, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors has got you covered.

Minnesota Storm Damage Assessment

No matter what type of job you do, if it involves fixing anything, it deserves a thorough assessment. Our licensed contractors will come to your home after a storm and perform a complete inspection of your property from top to bottom. We look at every inch of your roof, check on your eaves and overhangs, assess your siding and inspect additional structures for damage. We are trained to be thorough and complete with every inspection.

Working With Your Insurance | Storm Damage Claims

Listen, we know that money doesn’t grow on trees. So no matter how you plan on paying for exterior upgrades and repairs, we plan on being a name that you can trust with a price that you can easily afford. We also are trained at working with insurance adjusters and will come to your home when they do. We will show them the damage that we see and will work with them on how much they will pay to repair the damage based on your insurance policy. We will prepare an estimate of our own and submit it directly to the insurance company. If we get the job, we will do the work for the amount that they approve!

Minnesota Exterior Upgrades and Repairs

When you are looking for residential storm damage repairs, you don’t just want a quick fix. Our licensed contractors will work fast at fixing your issues while also keeping in mind the end goal! We want you to have nice exterior upgrades and repairs. We use materials that are durable to withstand Minnesota weather and can stand tough when bad weather strikes. Our professional team is licensed, trained, insured and experienced to handle all residential storm damage repairs.

So if you are ready for your exterior upgrades and repairs after a Minnesota storm, call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors today for a free estimate at 952-881-2218.