Storm Damage In Minnesota, each season is home to all different types of storm damage. Whether your Eden Prairie, MN home has suffered hail damage, wind damage, flood damage, ice damage or any other type of storm damages Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. is here to help. Our exterior home damage repair specialists are highly trained in every aspect of your home repair needs and experienced in replacing windows, roofs, siding and many other aspects of your home’s exterior.

Our Exterior Home Storm Damage Repair Process

The first thing that needs to be done when your home encounters storm damage is documentation. Taking pictures of the affected interior and exterior from every possible angle. This is very important to do prior to moving any of the damaging elements. Our storm damage repair services includes proper documentation, from there you will also need to check your individual policy.

Once every inch of your home’s storm damage, from roof to foundation, is assessed and documented by our professionals, we will work with your insurance adjuster and advocate on your behalf. Having a trained eye on your side ensures that the insurance claim adjuster can not miss anything, even minor. Our exterior home repair contractors will write our own estimate and even submit our findings to the insurance company directly.

Major Storm Damage

Sometimes, in case of major storm, damages can be dangerous. And removal needs to take place immediately in order to not risk more harm to the residents or home, an example of this would be a large tree leaning on your home. In this case, we suggest you contact your insurance company as soon as possible and explain the extent of the damages. If someone from the insurance company can’t come out within that very day, communicate to them that you will be removing the object and possibly repairing the damage prior to the insurance inspectors arrival.

We will be sure to document or services before, while and after the immediate removal is completed and document the tools used to preform the removal and possible fixes that were necessary. This is not the most ideal circumstances but sometimes it can take adjusters days to come and assess the damages because there is a large likelihood that you are not the only one in the area facing storm damage and they are being flooded with adjustment requests. The only time our professionals (and insurance companies) advise homeowners to complete any kind of damage repair work or damage removal, prior to an adjustment, is when the damage could be extremely worse if left alone for a few days or however long it take to get someone from the insurance company out to your property.

Communication is Key

When dealing with multiple parties, to repair storm damage, communication is extremely important. Everyone should be on the same page when it comes to the work, the service charges, the specific policy the homeowner holds and its fine print. Our experts have handled many storm damage repair and removal cases and directly work with the adjuster, insurance company and also the homeowners. This way the exterior repair project is clear cut and all parties are in agreement before we start our repairs.

If your Minnesota home has experienced any type of major or minor storm damage and you would like professional help dealing with insurance adjusters, Tollefson Bros Exteriors is here and will make sure the process will go smoothly and you get the amount you deserve for a complete repair, call us today at 952-881-2218!