Savage Storm Damage RestorationThese temperatures we are seeing in Savage, Minnesota can be brutal to our properties. The high winds, heavy sleet, rain and there has even be hail reported around the area. If you need a Storm Damage Contractor, contact Tollefson Bros immediately for our quickest response time possible. Ignoring it will only make it worse, if you are noticing moisture inside your home, musky, damp conditions or damages from the recent storms contact our Licensed Minnesota Storm Damage Repair Contractors. We work with your insurance to get all the repairs paid for and your property back to a stable and beautiful condition that will easily last through the season to come and it has only begun.

Hail, Wind & Natural Disaster Repairs are Covered By Insurance

  • Roof Damage Repairs – If storms come knocking trees down, ripping shingles up and sneaking moisture into where it definitely doesn’t belong, it is time to contact a qualified contractor to seal your home back up. And if you have insurance, it is way more affordable than you think! You don’t get penalize for storm damage repair needs as it was an act of nature, so no individual premium rises, just the repairs you need.
  • Siding Damage Repairs – Dented, cracked, and holey siding doesn’t keep it’s energy efficiency, so why would you keep it? Our experienced siding contractor can restore not only the look of your home’s siding but also the function and efficiency. Those quarter sized holes are costing you more than you think.
  • Gutter Damage Repairs – Gutters often don’t get the attention they need and issues arise. Any time a storm comes your gutters are working to help direct excess moisture away from your windows, walkways, doors, landscaping and foundation. Be sure all debris are off your eaves and your gutters are working and contact a contractor well before the next storm hits if things are not working properly, it can save you much time, worry and expense.

Ensure no Storm Damage is Overlooked!

We don’t just work on your behalf and with your insurance company, we also work with your home. That means we don’t just take what the insurance adjuster says and run with it. No, we complete our own inspection, determine our own numbers and back up our findings so that you get the repairs you need at the time you need them and there is no second guessing who is paying because our contractors will work with all parties to see that your home is restored and you life can return. Call 952-881-2218 for a storm damage inspection from our Savage, MN Contractors.