Storm Damage Home Repair MNMinneapolis, MN is no stranger to bad weather. We deal with icy cold winters and crazy summer storms, with everything in between during the fall and spring. We are notorious for climate changes and weather related damages. This is why it’s important to have good insurance on your homes and businesses! If your property has been damaged in a storm and you think it needs repair, consider Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. We are your storm damage insurance repair contractors in Minneapolis, MN that will give you the best quality results all within your insurance coverage.

First Steps

We think it’s important that when you call an expert out to your home, you get an honest expert’s opinion. We don’t halfway do anything here at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. When we are called to assess storm damage, one of our trained insurance specialists will come out to your property and do a complete inspection around your home or building. We will inspect all the structures for damage, inspect the eaves and overhangs, carefully look at the gutters and downspouts, and even inspect every inch of your roof. Our insurance specialists are trained to be the property owner’s advocate, documenting everything we see. Our next step will primarily be the advocating process.

Meeting with Your Insurance Adjuster

What’s the point in having us come out and give you a quote when it’s typically up to the insurance claims adjuster? After all, we are here to make sure your home is safe and reliable after storm damage. When your insurance comes to assess the damage, we will be there. We will show them the damage we have found and discuss with them how much it will take to repair the damage. If the adjuster agrees, we will get to work!

Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage is frustrating and getting it repaired can be a lengthy process. In fact, 37% of our storm damage clients have had their inspections done by someone else and then came to us, your ultimate resource, to do a re-inspection and get the job done right. Don’t waste your time, let us fix your property fast! With licensed, insured, and experienced contractors, the quality of our work surpasses the competition.

For more information about a storm damage insurance repair contractor in Minneapolis, MN, call your reliable, local professionals at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. If we don’t get approval for the work, we won’t do it! If your insurance approves the work, we do it for the exact amount that they approve! No gimmicks or hassles! Call us today at 952-881-2218 and get your storm damage repaired right away!