Storm Damage Repairs MNLiving in Bloomington, MN this time of year can be a hassle. No matter how much you prepare each winter, sometimes our harsh winter storms can just take a toll on your house. Even throughout the year storms happen and therefore, damage to your property or home can occur too. Often times after a bad storm, homeowners can be left feeling like humpty dumpty – with no way of knowing how to clean up the mess! Fortunately, if this is you, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors is here to help you put things back together again!

Storm Damage Repair Local Contractor

Tollefson Bros. Exteriors has been serving Bloomington, MN for over 25 years. We have trained professionals that know the ins and outs of storm damage insurance claims and we will fight and advocate to restore any damage that occurred to your home during a storm. No matter how large or small the damage is, our trained insurance specialists do a thorough job every time we are called out to a home! We have been so successful in this area that clients have called us to provide a more thorough service even after inspections had been done by other companies. We take pride in doing an excellent job repairing whatever is needed and working with your insurance company to stay on budget.

Insurance Estimate Provided

  • Once we are called, we are quick to come out to your home and perform a complete inspection around your house. This includes looking at your entire roof, all of the gutters and downspouts, the eves and overhangs, and any additional structures that may be damaged.
  • Whatever we find, we document. Once your insurance claims adjuster makes a visit, we meet with them and show them the extensive damage that we have found.
  • After the adjuster agrees, we are able to discuss with them how much they are willing to pay per your insurance policy.
  • Once we assess the damage, we prepare an estimate of our own and submit it directly to them.
  • If we aren’t approved for the work, we will not do it! If we are approved, we will ensure that we stay within the budget that was approved by your insurance company!
  • Once it’s all said and done, money is still in your pockets and your home is back to looking exactly as it should!

So if you live in Bloomington, MN and your home has been damaged in a storm, don’t waste your time calling around, call the best in the business! Call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors today at 952-881-2218.