Need a new roof?Shingles are to houses what tires are to automobiles. Over time, both wear out, perform less efficiently, and need to be replaced. Most of us spend more time in our cars, so it may be more obvious to us that it’s time to replace our tires. We may not evaluate the shingles on our roof as often, but they are essential to protecting our home. Shingles keep snow, ice, and rain from damaging the framework of our homes. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. can perform almost any repair or renovation on the exterior of your home, and one of the most important components of our work is shingle replacement. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors services all of the south metro in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

Owning a home can be a great joy, but it can also be a source of great stress. If you are lucky, your roof was built by conscientious builders who took care to do a good job. But even the best-built roofs can suffer damage as a result of high wind and other weather events. Time and constant exposure to the elements is the most common cause of age-related roof problems.

Signs of Shingle Damage

Your shingles will provide the first signs of potential roof damage, and you should keep an eye out for those signs. As shingles get older, they can dry out, causing them to curl at the edges or buckle in the middle. When shingles begin to fail in this manner, they can allow wind to lift them and water to get underneath. When shingles begin to deteriorate, the underlying structure of your roof becomes vulnerable.

The roofs of most houses have valleys, which help funnel water to your gutters. The shingles at the meeting points of these valleys are shaped to maximize the funneling of water off the roof. If they are damaged, the integrity of your roof may also have been compromised.

Related to these roofing problems is the chimney flashing. This is the seal between your chimney and the roof. The seal can dry out, separate from the chimney and develop leaks. If its relationship with the surrounding shingles is weakened, you also develop the potential for leakage.

Affordable Roofing Repair in The South Metro

Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. has been in business for more than two-and-a-half decades and we are proud of the fact that our reputation is based on competitive prices and great customer service. We have worked hard to establish and maintain a reputation for treating our customers well, providing excellent service at competitive prices, and being experts in roofing repair and replacement.

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