Sliding Glass Door ReplacementYour sliding glass door opens your home up, allows light in during all seasons and gives your family easy access to the outdoors. For many, a sliding glass door is a gateway to your yard, where you and your family spend time relaxing and playing. As springtime arrives, and the weather begins to warm, it is the perfect time to make sure that your sliding glass door is working well. Our team at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. specializes in the installation of all types of replacement windows, including your beloved sliding glass door.

Replace Your Sliding Glass Door This Spring

Over time, your sliding glass door can take a beating. After years of opening and closing, it can come off of its track, the glass can crack and/or it can stick and be very difficult to move. While you have other doors in your home, but the convenience of your sliding glass door is unmatched. And, fortunately, replacing it is easier than you might think. The replacement window contractors at Tollefson Exteriors, Inc. can come into your home and remove your sliding door and replace it with one that opens easily and smoothly. No more fighting with it, pushing and pulling to get it opened and closed!

Benefits of Replacement Windows

In addition to ease of use, replacing your sliding glass door (and other windows in your home) can also increase your home’s overall energy efficiency by as much as 25-40%. That means keeping more money in your wallet each month. You might be surprised to learn that your old sliding door can leak a significant amount of air. New window technology has dramatically improved, giving customers a great looking product that achieves high energy efficiency.

The experienced staff at Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. can help you choose the best sliding glass door for your home. We will order the exact size and can complete installation usually in a matter of hours. We stand behind our work and guarantee that your new sliding glass door will be fully functional for many years to come. We have been partnering with homeowners for more than 25 years, and offer unmatched customer service, affordable prices and professional service. For more information about replacing your sliding glass door this spring, or replacing any old windows in your home, give us a call today at 952-881-1218. We will schedule a time to come out and give you a free estimate!