Signs Your Minneapolis Home Is Under-InsulatedAs Minnesotans, we know too well the extremes in temperature dips! During the peaks of the summer and winter months, perhaps you are noticing that your home seems to never maintain an ideal temperature, or you feel a draft coming from the spaces around doors and windows. These signs are often a symptom that your home is not properly insulated:

Your house is drafty: Even if your windows are relatively new, a well-insulated home should not feel drafty. If you see drafts, it is a sign that your insulation is not working properly. Do some research to find out where drafts are most obvious. Address caulking, sealing and weather stripping may be necessary if air movement is constant near certain windows or doors. If drafts are more diffuse and feel like they are being pushed around by the air temperature, it is likely that insulation should be added or replaced. If you haven’t updated your attic in 20 years or more and your home is older than that, it will need attention to meet current energy efficiency building codes.

Continuous HVAC cycling (fluctuating indoor temps): We recommend annual HVAC inspections just like we recommend attic inspections. You may have insulation problems if your HVAC system is old or has been serviced regularly. Continuous cycling on/off of the HVAC system causes equipment to struggle to maintain the desired temperature setting. This not only causes unnecessarily high heating/cooling bills, but also increases the HVAC system’s wear, resulting in increased maintenance costs.

Evidence of mold and/or mildew: There are a few things that help the attic: the roof, ventilation system and the HVAC. These three elements are designed and maintained well so that the humidity levels in your whole home remain between 30% and 40%. Summer levels can reach up to 50% to 60%. Mold and mildew thrive when humidity levels rise and there is not enough ventilation. Any signs or symptoms of mold or mildew, including a damp or musty odor, should be addressed immediately. These signs may indicate a leaky roof or plumbing problem in some cases. However, general mold growth and a damp or musty odor can indicate an uninsulated crawl space or attic.

Pest problems: You have an insulation problem if you have rodent problems in your attic. Because insulation is such a great nesting material, most people will see evidence of shredded or torn up insulation. The insulation can also become saturated with rodent urine and feces, which is a problem. This can lead to an unhealthy and unsanitary environment. Built-up pest debris can cause unpleasant odors and toxic fumes over time. Dried particles can circulate through HVAC ducts and cause indoor air quality to be compromised. All of this is harmful to you and your home occupants.

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