Siding Repair Contractors MinneapolisThere are not many things that cause more anxiety for a homeowner than the damage that can be caused by extreme weather.  Tornadoes, straight-line winds, driving rain, heavy snow, and other forces of nature are always outside the control of us human beings, hence the fear and anxiety.  Extreme weather has the potential to damage not only your beloved real estate properties, but your bank account as well.  If you live in Minnesota, the chances that your property could incur damage is quite high compared to some other parts of the United States.  Weather events can cause damage to your home that you are not qualified to repair.  Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. is a leading storm damage repair company in the Minneapolis, MN area.

Storm Damage Repair, Minnesota

Tollefson Bros. Exteriors Inc. provides a full range of services to repair damage caused by weather events, and that of course is extremely important to all homeowners.  Moreover, Tollefson Bros. Exteriors will help reduce the anxiety that surely results from discovering that your home has been damaged and they will work with you to make sure the cost is as low as possible.  Tollefson Bros. will treat you fairly.  We specialize in exterior siding repair, roof repair and replacement and storm damage assessment and repair.

Tollefson Bros. is certified by insurance companies to properly inspect homes for storm damage.  As simple as that point may seem, the fact is that many inspectors miss significant damage caused by weather events due to lack of professional training and care.  Our team has both professional training and the knowledge that what has happened to your home could also happen to theirs. We have earned a reputation for being thorough and professional in providing customers with expert assessment of damage.

Professional Storm Damage Repair Assessment

Tollefson Bros. Exteriors works with insurance companies to make sure that your interests are taken into consideration.  It is, for example, in your best interest to have Tollefson Bros. Exteriors assess the damage to your home prior to the arrival of an insurance adjuster.  The presence of a trustworthy and qualified contractor like Tollefson Bros. can serve to motivate the insurance adjuster to be more thorough, which ultimately better serves your interests.  So, if you discover that your home has been damaged by a weather event of some kind, contact your insurance company—when your insurance company sends an adjuster to your property to inspect the damage, Tollefson Bros. will be there to work with that person and advocate on your behalf.

If you are concerned about recent storm damage to your home and siding, call Tollefson Bros. Exteriors today at 952-881-2218.