Best Return on your Investment

Siding ContractorAre you wondering what the most valuable home improvement project is? We have the answer – Exterior Upgrades! Replacing your siding, windows, doors and roofing adds immense curb appeal, which is the first thing anyone who passes your house will notice – especially potential buyers! Just how much can you expect to see for a return on your investment? It averages more than 70%!

Of course, the quality of the installation is key, with any home improvement project, both interior and interior. Which is why you need to choose only the most qualified, experienced and licensed contractor that demands the highest expectation of their team – on any and every project. Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. is just that! We’ve been offering Minneapolis, MN the highest quality exterior home improvement projects, all at affordable prices, for over 25 years!

High Quality-Low Maintenance

Take pride in your home and its appearance, without spending hours, days and weeks maintaining it. Our siding replacement options are low-maintenance, so there’s no need to paint or stain yearly. And the best part of our quality siding options is your Minnesota home will look great, no matter the season!

Increase Efficiency

Beauty is the eye of the beholder, it’s true but everyone can agree on one thing – it’s appealing to see your energy bills shrink! That is exactly what Tollefson is known for, we’ll lower your monthly energy costs and save you money. So, not only are you getting back over 70% of what you paid for the exterior improvements but your reducing your carbon footprint and also spending less monthly, those winters can be brutal; negative degrees can easily add zeros to your monthly energy bill. But we’re taking away the zeros throughout Minnesota!

Our Energy Star Rated Siding Option:

  • Low-Maintenance Vinyl

  • Low-Maintenance Cement Fiber

  • Cultured Stone

The reason we say ‘low- maintenance’ is because there will be times you’ll want to wash off spider webs or hose off some dirt, but the siding we offer is truly free of any major maintaining work. No painting, staining, or weather proofing necessary – the siding products we offer have been designed and created to endure our winter blizzards, summer sun and wet storms.

Siding Replacement/Installation and Repair Services Minneapolis MN

Contact Tollefson Bros if you’re in need of a professional siding contractor. We can install siding on a new home, replace your old siding – possibly riddled with lead or repair any storm damages your home may have encountered. Call us today at 952-881-2218 or fill out this short online form and we’ll reach out to you promptly!