Siding ContractorIf you own property in Edina and are looking to upgrade the exterior appearance of your home, a great way to do so is replacing your siding. When looking into re-siding your home there’s a vast majority of options. So much so that it might become more time consuming that you imagined. Let me make this easy for you and recommend vinyl siding. Vinyl siding has been the number 1 choice for property owners in the United States. Honestly, it sells itself:

Vinyl Siding Benefits

Vinyl siding is mostly made up of a durable PVC material. All throughout our homes and offices we trust PVC materials in pools, pipes, storage containers and garden hoses to keep water and liquid in designated areas. We also put this material to use in fences and even flooring, so why not let it protect our homes too. The materials that make vinyl siding are proven to be weather resistant, which is a necessary requirement when living in Minnesota. This siding is also insect resistant, warp-free, energy efficient and the newer vinyl does not fade nearly as quickly, if ever.

Vinyl Siding Options

There are multiple different options for vinyl. If you already have an ideal color for your home picked out, there is a high likelihood the color is available in vinyl. And you don’t have to stick with just one color or style; you can integrate for a truly unique appearance.  From a modern look to a classic look, vinyl can pull it off.

Clapboard Siding-

The most seen and highly popular style is clapboard; this look goes back to the colonial days.

Dutch Lap Siding-

This type of vinyl siding adds some flair and is a way to brings a little more personality to your home.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

If you are looking for a low maintenance siding option, little compares to vinyl. Give your exterior a quick scrub now and again to remove dirt or any spider webs and your siding will look good as new. No staining, painting or caulking is needed.

If you are looking for a professional to install siding on your Edina home or business, call Tollefson Bros. today at 952-881-2218 and get a free estimate. Our experienced siding contractors will give your property the face lift you have been dreaming of.