Roofing Contractor SavageThe roof of your home is like the head on your body. When your head is damaged the body and foundation tend to fall towards the same route. With a strong and sturdy roof your home, it will not face the same problems that an old, shingle missing and faded roof would. The roof of your house is just as essential as the foundation. You as a homeowner are the only one responsible for taking actions when it comes to damaged shingles, bent flashing, or mold in your attic insulation. If you are dealing with a roof problem, our licensed Savage MN roofing specialists can and will help you find the solution at Tollefson Bros!

Shingle Replacement

When your shingles are waving goodbye to you as you pull out of your driveway, that may be an indication you possibly need to look into a touch up job. Whether it’s tearing off and replacing or going over a layer of shingles our roofing services will get your pesky task completed in a timely manner. Having loose or missing shingles can leave your roof sheeting open and unprotected which will cause many issues to your prideful home down the road. Whether it’s a small leak into your attic, to a large portion of your roofs sheeting needing to be replaced because of damaged or warped wood – let the roof specialists at Tollefson Bros get your home back in order! Starting from the top down, to insure your life isn’t put on hold because of a malfunction at home!

Replacing Roof Sheeting

If your roofs sheeting needs to be replaced you have an assortment of issues. It could be a leak in the shingles, or even the vent cap. Whatever the problem is our experienced contractors are here to inspect and advise the best, most affordable, and most efficient way to manage the issue at hand. Replacing the roof sheeting can be a hefty task but still not too much for our roofing specialists at Tollefson Bros. Let us serve you the satisfaction of up keeping your home!

Whether it’s Mother Nature, or out dated materials to blame. Tollefson Bros is here to help, locally owned and operated, we understand the difficult Minnesota weather so we can help by the experience and expertise we have gained throughout our time of operation. Call us today so you’re not in panic tomorrow when it comes to routine maintenance (952) 881-2218 now serving Savage MN for home improvement needs.