Storm Damage Repair MinnesotaTollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc., is a trusted roofing contractor in the Bloomington, Richfield and Minneapolis area that specializes in repairing your roof on your home or business following a storm. Storms come without warning and can leave you with an immediate need for roof repair. This can be extremely stressful as you quickly try to find a team that can come out to your home to repair the damage. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors understands the stress and will make every possible effort to earn your trust with strong customer service, and clear communication about the extent of the damage and the potential cost.

Local Storm Damage Repair Contractor

If you live in Minnesota, you know how violent and damaging the weather can be. Roofs, siding, and gutters take a beating each year. Extreme weather can do immediate damage to our houses and extreme heat and cold can do slow damage to the exterior of our homes. Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc. provides expert service when you discover roof damage after a severe storm or if your roof is showing signs of wear and tear that occur over time. If your roof has not sustained storm or other acute damage, you should contact Tollefson Bros. for a periodic check-up. But if you have sustained storm damage to your roof, siding, or gutters, Tollefson Bros. can help you immediately.

Roof damage can manifest in the valleys of your roof, which are designed to funnel rainwater and melting snow to flow to your gutters. If the shingles are damaged, the flow to your gutters can be compromised. Water can get under the shingles and do damage to your roof, but it can also negatively impact your gutter system. A compromised gutter system means that water can get under the shingles at other locations. If your gutter system is compromised, water may not flow off your roof properly, which can cause damage to your siding. Each component—roof, gutter, siding—is dependent on the other to ensure that all components are in good condition.

Storm Damage Roofing Contractor

If your home has suffered damage from storms, or is showing signs of age based on the unrelenting effects of the heat and cold, contact Tollefson Bros. Exteriors, Inc for assistance at 952.881.2218. We offer professional service, competitive pricing and will be responsive to your immediate needs. With more than 25 years of experience serving those in the Bloomington, Richfield and Minneapolis area, we can complete roofing, gutter and siding repair.