Here in Minnesota, we are not strangers to severe weather. We know all too well the devastating results that may come as a result of a storm, whether it’s devastating high winds, damaging hail storms, lightning, or a raging tornado, we’ve seen it all. During the summer months we’ve been known to get some doozy wind and hail storms, so anything you can do to protect your home and family from Mother Nature’s wrath is a must!

Asphalt Shingle Damage From Storm

Shingle Damage

If you’ve had storm damage (hail or wind damage) and are considering replacing your shingles, you might want to consider an impact resistant shingle. Impact resistant shingles are slightly more expensive than standard architectural shingles because they’re thicker, heavier and come with longer warranty coverage.

Hail Proof Roof?

No roofing material is fully hail proof.  If anyone saw or was involved in the hailstorms that went through Minnesota last summer, you know what we’re talking about.  There are hail-RESISTANT roofs. These products have Class 1 through Class 4 hail-resistance ratings, 4 being the highest.  The ratings are given by taking a steel ball and dropping it from a pre-determined height and measuring the damage the roof has sustained.  The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) perform the tests.

Many roofs carry this rating.  For steep slope, these roofs include some metal roofs, some tile and some composition shingles.  For flat roofs, these are some gravel-surfaced built-up, and some spray foam (with the right coating system), and just a few others.

Installing a Class IV hail resistant roof may qualify you for lower insurance premiums, depending on where you live.  Call your agent for verification. Keep this in mind too, not many agents and adjusters will know the specifics about hail resistant roofs. Consult a good Minnesota roofing contractor for a roof you won’t have to worry about the next time one of our Minnesota storms comes our way!

Hail or Wind Damage Leaving Shingles Missing

Hail or Wind Damage - Shingles Missing

Also, for specific warranty information, ask your roofing contractor to provide a sample warranty of the materials he installs.

Storm damage is easily identifiable to a trained eye. Many homeowners are unaware of damages to their property until a Minnesota roofing contractor has reviewed the damages. These types of damage may take up to 10 years off of the life of your roof. Hail damage to shingles includes severe granual loss, material removal at the edges of the shingles and bruising or penetration or the shingles.

Not only can your roof take a beating, so can your windows, gutters, and siding. So make sure to check the entire exterior of your home. Siding can also get dented or cracked as a result of hail damage. Remember, June and July are the peak months for tornado activity in Minnesota, so make sure your roof is up to the challenge of thunderstorms, blustery winds, hail, tornadoes, and more.