Roof LeakA major part of your Eden Prairie, MN home, business or other type of property might be taken for granted. It’s over all of our heads and for good reason. It delivers shelter from the harsh storms we see so often throughout Minnesota. It’s one of the most important assets of your property, it’s your roof.

Many times a roof is overlooked, maybe because it’s not in our direct eyesight (out of site, out of mind) or maybe because we expect our roof to stay sturdy and cause no trouble. But the truth is it can cause trouble, in massive ways. That is why preventative maintenance is a crucial factor in keeping your home protected from the outside elements.

There are commonly Two Different Types of Roof Maintenance:

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Preventative maintenance, also known as continual maintenance, should be something that is done at least once or twice a year and every time a big storm comes. You can get up on your roof and examine for yourself or call a professional roofing contractor to thoroughly analyze the condition of your roof. Some damages and flaws can be easily spotted by the average homeowner but others might need a trained eye. Once all of the components of your roof are inspected for any missing shingles, damaged surfaces, seams, caulking and the findings are documented, it is possible repairs will need to be made.

When a property owner keeps up with their roofs maintenance needs it allow for a plan on future expenses, instead of getting struck with large roof repairs that need to be completed and quickly (before that next imminent rainfall). Once your roof leaks or fails to hold back elements of nature the damage spreads…it spreads to the ceilings, walls and many other interior items. If the roof damage goes unnoticed it might even contaminate the air. It’s commonly known that where there is moisture, there is usually growing mold.

Reactive Roof Maintenance

Reactive roof maintenance is better than no maintenance but it can still leave you with the headache of major consequences. You could have not only have rotted or moldy roof decking but the insulation and sheetrock could also be affected and usually are. Wet insulation does nothing to help keep your home protected or energy efficient, in fact, once wet, insulation causes more of a threat because its increased weight. Chances are if your roof gets bad enough for a leak you will need invasive repairs, that may include a complete roof replacement and wall tear downs to ensure ceiling and structural integrity. A leaky roof can also be a major fire hazard because of live wires and it may even account for a power shortage.

Your roof is no different than all of the other items used daily. Computers need software upgrades, cars need oil changes and our teeth need brushing, a roof is no different. Don’t loose money on your property because of poor roof maintenance, ensure that your home or business is an investment, by maintaining a large part of that investment prior to any red flags. Maximize your roofs performance life and safe yourself some money.

If you are looking for a professional company to preform a preventative roof maintenance check, your home is in major need of a roof repair or you would like your roof completely replaced, call the professional roof contractors of Tollefson Bros Exteriors, Inc. at 952-881-2218 today!